No Halal Certification Issued

Dorito’s ‘Sour Cream and Chives Dip’ has been found to contain a type of vinegar made from alcohol which is prohibited in Islam. The finding of the Syari’ah Affairs Department through the Halal Food Control Division was following complaints from the public.

After referring to the product’s manufacturer, Walkers Snack Food Limited, United Kingdom, it was confirmed that no halal certification has been issued for the product. Following the finding, premise owners are ordered to separate the product immediately or place it in the Non-Halal Section. All importers, supermarkets and shops in the country are also advised to immediately separate the product if the said product is distributed and sold in the respective premises. Complaints and information on the sale of non-halal products can be directed to the Halal Food Control Division, Syar’ah Affairs Department at 7166222 or Halal Food Control Division offices in every district.

Source: Radio Television Brunei