No Plastic Bag Everyday Initiative

The public's awareness on maintaining cleanliness of the environment, especially on the effects of plastic pollution on the environment is on the rise after environmental programmes have been expanded. This includes the No Plastic Bag Everyday initiative by the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation, JASTRe at participating shops and department stores.

Using reusable bags while shopping has received encouraging response from the public in together reducing the use of plastic bags which is one of the causes of environmental pollution.

To date, over 60 businesses, mostly in the Brunei Muara District, voluntarily take part in the No Plastic Bag Everyday initiative. Since the initiative's implementation, JASTRe found that the use of plastic bags at department stores have reduced, and increased sales of reusable bags.

As a continuation of the No Plastic Day Everyday that was extended to food stalls last year, JASTRe in collaboration with Zero Waste Brunei continues to distribute reusable bags to Ramadhan stalls this year, and organised the Eco Ramadhan campaign to encourage the use of reusable items.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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