No Plastic Bag Everyday Initiative

The No Plastic Bag Everyday Initiative will be extended to Wednesday, making it five days in a week without the use of plastic carrier bags in participating stores and shops.

The Ministry of Development through the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation, JASTRe announces that the addition of Wednesday will starts on 11th of July 2018 corresponding to 27 Syawal 1439. The extension is part of the Government's effort in realizing no plastic bags usage everyday by January 2019. The initiative carries a slogan "It Takes a Nation to End Plastic Pollution" emphasises the importance of an integrated effort towards combating plastic pollution.

Meanwhile, the remaining days will be added in phases with Tuesday tentatively in October 2018 and Monday to be added in December 2018, where the dates will be announced later. Initially, the initiative involves stores and businesses that are currently listed under the No Plastic Bag Weekend initiative but will be extended to other consumers of plastic bags such as retails shops, restaurants and markets/stalls.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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