‘No Plastic Bag Weekend’ Initiative Is Extended To Thursday

The 'no plastic bag day' initiative can contribute to a healthy environment and raise public awareness on the importance of reducing plastic bag which carry a negative impact to the environment. As of 19th April, the 'no plastic bag weekend' initiative has been extended to Thursday - marking 4 days in a week without plastic bag. According to Manager from several department stores in the country, majority of their customer gave a positive respond by carrying their own recycling bags during shopping. However, some are not aware on the addition of Thursday as no plastic bag.

The 'no plastic bag weekend' initiative was launched on 26th March 2011, with the addition of Friday starting 17th of February this year. Such initiative aimed to reach the goal of increasing the rate of usage in 3 'R' concept towards reducing the amount of waste in the country. The addition of Thursday was launched during Earth Day 2018 Celebration with the theme "End Plastic Pollution." The 'no plastic bag day' campaign will be carried out in stages this year - to every day. The additional of Wednesday without plastic bag will begin this July; on Tuesday starting this October and on Monday by December. This is towards realising the zero plastic bag usage by 1st January 2019.

Over 40 nations around the globe have instituted plastic bag bans. Bangladesh banned plastic bag usage since 2002, following flood incident. Meanwhile, China enforced the ban on plastic for the 2008 Olympics and Bali has signed various memorandums and declarations to push forward the plastic bag ban.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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