Not a Hindrance to Gaining a Degree

Being visually impaired since young is not a hindrance to Awang Muhammad Haziq Shafiq bin Haji Aisha, a Special graduate of Universiti Brunei Darussalam, UBD, from continuing his studies to gaining his bachelor's degree. With a can do attitude and viewing life as a fight, Awang Muhammad Haziq Shafiq finally completed 4 years of his Bachelor's Degree in Malay Language and Linguistics at UBD.

25-year-old Muhamad Haziq Shafiq is the third of four children. He enjoys challenges, be it in life or study. His great fighting spirit, as well as continuously seeking the guidance of Allah Subahanahu Wata'ala, became his strength to further his study to the university level. Apart from that, his success was also due to the firm support from his parents who are always encouraging him.

For Muhamad Haziq Shafiq, UBD's 32nd Convocation Ceremony is an encouragement to further his study to a higher level.

Intending to become a lecturer and with a high interest in Malay Language and Linguistics, Muhamad Haziq Shafiq will further his studies at the Master's level in the same field. His success was shared by his parents, Awang Haji Aisha bin Haji Abu Bakar, and Pengiran Hajah Aishah binti Pengiran Haji Ahmad, who are proud of their son's strong determination.

Hard work and diligence are the main drivers in achieving one's ambition, eventhough the individual is differently-abled. The government through the Inclusive education System under the National Education Policy will continue to ensure that every citizen receives equal care and attention, including in education. The Special Education System has certainly become a catalyst of their future.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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