Number of Converts Is Rising In the Country

Towards achieving a more fulfilling and complete life, Islam is the best religion to be practised as a way of life. From January to November this year, 370 people have chosen Islam as their new faith in Brunei Darussalam.

From the figure, 178 converts are local, 48 are permanent residents and 144 others are foreigners. Brunei Muara District recorded the highest number of converts in the period of 11 months which is 197 people. This was followed by Tutong District with 88 people, Daerah Belait with 65 people and 20 people in the Temburong District.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Islamic Dakwah Centre is actively propagating Islam, apart from monitoring activities for converts in the country. According to the Islamic Dakwah Centre, the highest number of converts came from Dusun ethnic with 115 people, followed by Filipinos with 107 people, Chinese with 75 people, and the rest were from other ethnicities and country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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