Occurrences of Flash Floods, Land Slides and Falling Trees

Following the wet weather conditions with heavy rainfall, a number of areas in the Tutong District experienced flash floods causing several low-lying areas to be inundated, with occurrences of landslides and falling trees.

RTB crew found that flash floods affected a number of areas in Mukims Pekan Tutong, Keriam, Telisai, Tanjong Maya, Ukong, Lamunin and Kiudang causing some business premises and residences to be inundated. A number of affected residents had the opportunity to move their belongings to a higher location. Affected residents are advised to take precautionary measures during the monsoon season especially those living in flood-prone low-lying areas for the safety and well-being of their lives and properties. Parents and guardians are also advised to always monitor their children in the event of floods.

Up to 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, six reports of fallen trees and 4 reports of landslides as well as 5 flood reports were received by the Operation E branch of the Tutong District Fire and rescue Department. Road users are also urged to enhance awareness and be cautious while using affected roads during uncertain weather conditions. They are also urged to use alternative routes and adhere to road signs set up. Any emergencies and assistance requirements can be directed to the Fire and rescue Hotline 995.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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