Offences under Tobacco Order 2005

Throughout January and February of this year alone, the Enforcement Unit, Ministry of Health has recorded 108 cases of violation to the Tobacco Order 2005, and issued 77 compounds and 31 mandatory referrals to Smoking Cessation Clinics to individuals and companies for failing to abide by the Order.

From the offences, 32 cases are under the Section 10 (1) of the Tobacco Order 2005, which is for individual under 18 years old, for the offences of smoking and vaping, or in possession of tobacco product or vape. From the number, 31 individuals are required to register and participate in the Smoking Cessation Clinics, while one individual is slapped with a compound for second offences. While one compound was issued under the Section 16(4) of the Tobacco Order 2005, which is an offence involving premise or building managers and owners for failing to control smoking and vaping activities at places where smoking and vaping are prohibited by law.

For offences under the Section 10(1) of the Tobacco Order 2005, whoever found guilty for the first offence are ordered to register themselves at the Quit Smoking Clinic, fine of $100 for second offences and $300 for third offences.

Meanwhile under the Section 14(2), a $300 compound will be issued for the first offence and $500 for subsequent offences. For Business Premise's managers who fail to take action against smoker in their premises and for not placing a no smoking sign board will be fined $500 for every offences under the Section 16(4) of the Tobacco Order 2005.

Vape or e-cigarette product is categorised as a tobacco product under the Tobacco Order 2005 and by bringing in as well as selling the product are prohibited under the Section 6 of the Tobacco Order 2005. The public are advised to make a report on smoking and vaping activity carried out at the prohibited public places gazetted including government premises to the Enforcement Unit, Ministry of Health at 2427095 during working hours or hotline 7192005 or email at

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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