Opening Of Empowering Archipelago Poetry Project

Effort is required to strengthen the nation's civilisation through emphasising that poetry is one of the traditional sources that should be preserved and developed as the foundation of nation civilisation building in particular the Malay race. Datin Paduka Doctor Dayang Hajah Norlila binti Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Jalil, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports stressed on the need while officiating the 3rd Empowering the Archipelago Poetry Project and Seminar, Mastera Poetry Festival and Workshop, yesterday morning.

Datin Paduka Doctor Dayang Hajah Norlila said the young generation should be given focus in efforts to educate and nurture them so that the high spirit of self-esteem is maintained especially when the country is later inherited by them. The noble identity and highly courteous manner should be preserved as an element of eastern civilisation. Bruneians should explore attractive and latest methods to enhance youth's interest in poetry such as using social media and info-communications in making the poetry relevant with the younger generation.

6 working papers were tabled at the one-day seminar participated by youths from the Mastera member nations. The seminar is followed by the 2-day Mastera Poetry Workshop which will start tomorrow and the Mastera Poetry Festival. With the theme, Melestari Budaya Pantun or Perpetuating Poetry Culture, the project is a Brunei Darussalam Mastera activity conducted with the cooperation of Mastera Indonesia, Mastera Malaysia and Mastera Singapore.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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