‘Operasi Ice Sibling’

The Narcotics Control Bureau, NCB continued the operation dubbed 'Ice Sibling' by apprehending individuals believed to be linked in the family drug trafficking syndicate arrested previously by the NCB. It was the continuation of 'Ice Sibling' operation conducted in December 2021. A series of raids were carried out simultaneously in 5 locations in Brunei Muara District, namely in Kampung Lambak Kiri, Kampung Perpindahan Mata-Mata, Lambak Kanan National Housing Scheme, Kampung Terunjing, Kampung Lupak Luas and Jalan Singa Menteri in Belait District. 26 individuals were arrested, comprising 21 men and 5 women aged between 20 and 54.

During the operation, NCB has seized 'syabu' weighing 18 grams, $288 of cash, digital weighing machine, drug paraphernalia and a vehicle.

Those arrested were members of the syndicate acted as drug 'pushers' and 'runners' to the syndicate leader who was arrested in December 2021.

Two individuals were arrested in Jalan Singa Menteri, Belait District, a man and a woman, who were drug suppliers or pushers in Belait District. The man was the younger brother to the main suspect in the 'Black Widow' Operation, who has been arrested by NCB. Also arrested were individuals believed to be drug users. Arrests for the case are still under investigation under Misuse of Drugs Act, MDA, Chapter 27 and Criminal Asset Recovery Order 2012. NCB also expressed its appreciation to the security intelligence and enforcement agencies in the country for their assistance and cooperation towards the success of the operation.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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