Opportunity to Develop Agriculture Site

Awang Haji Muliadi bin Moksin, General Manager of Marsya Farm's interest in agriculture began at a young age since he started following his parents to tend their crops. Since then, the interest became more in-depth with the support of the government specifically the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism in providing the opportunity to operate and develop agricultural sites. From the support, he was able to expand the company's farm, with various crops including leafy vegetables such spinach and mustard, as well as fruit vegetables such butternut squash, sweet corn and mulberry.

Awang Haji Muliadi also said numerous new knowledge can be obtained in agriculture as every crop has its own cultivation method to ensure high quality yields. Awang Haji Muiadi also advised youths to seek knowledge as opportunities in agriculture and agrifood are still open from the aspects of agriculture, manufacturing and food preservation and economy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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