OSCE Chairmanship Special Representative Gernot Erler welcomes release by Azerbaijan of human rights activist Intiqam Aliyev

BERLIN, 1 April 2016 - Gernot Erler, Special Representative of the Federal Government of Germany for the OSCE Chairmanship, issued the following statement today on the decision by the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan to release the lawyer and human rights defender Intiqam Aliyev from imprisonment on 28 March 2016:

"Intiqam Aliyev's release on probation and the pardoning of other imprisoned political activists and journalists a few days ago is a hopeful sign.

With these actions, Azerbaijan is taking an important step towards implementing essential OSCE commitments to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms.

I am convinced that continuing down this path can help to build trust and strengthen political stability in Azerbaijan and throughout the region.

As the current OSCE Chairmanship, Germany will continue to actively assist and support this process."

Source: OSCE

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