Packaging Workshop for Local Entrepreneurs

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, MSMEs should raise their awareness and give serious attention on the importance of packaging and branding for their business' growth. Towards this, the 3-day Packaging Workshop began yesterday morning for over 100 local Micro, Small and Medium entrepreneurs.

Several lecturers from government agencies and food packaging experts from Japan delivered briefings pertaining to the workshop's theme. Hajah Siti Juhaidah binti Haji Junaidi, Head of the Agrifood Industry Section, Department of Agriculture and Agrifood in her briefing on Food Shelf Life Studies among other things explained on the benefits of setting shelf life to boost local entrepreneur's confidence on their product with the existence of expiry date before labelling their food product.

Meanwhile, a talk on Food Labelling and Nutrient Panel was delivered by Hajah Saaimah binti Haji Abdi Manaf, Head of Agrifood Product Labelling and Packaging from the same department. In the briefing, Hajah Saaimah explained on the criteria of general food labelling that is required for each product to be marketed.

Awang Mohd Safwan Haji Suhaimi from the Halal Food Control Section, Syariah Affairs Department briefed the procedures to apply for Halal Certificate and Halal Permit. At the briefing, he stressed on the mistakes that are often made during the application process, including failure to abide by existing procedures, dirty premises and non-listed ingredients. The workshop is co-managed by Darussalam Enterprise, DARe and the ASEAN-Japan Centre, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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