Parents Responsibility to Educate Children in Fasting

Fasting is obligatory for every Muslim who has reached puberty, is of sound mind, has no illness and are not travelling during the month of Ramadhan. Children are also fasting during the holy month. It is the duty and responsibility of parents in educating their young children to fast.

Among the obligatory requirements for fasting is puberty. Children who has reached puberty are obligated to fast in Ramadhan. Meanwhile it is not obligatory for children who has not reached puberty to fast as well as perform qadha.

The role of parents is crucial in inculcating the noble practice in children. It is because a perfect and balanced early education can form a strong self-identity and in turn will create a harmonious muslim family and blessed by Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala.

Each time Ramadhan arrives apart from parents, children are also excited to experience the benefits of fasting.

Source: Radio Television Brunei