PAZ Tarbiyyah Islamic Enrichment Centre

A centre which offers educational a programme on Asmaul Husna or the Beautiful Names of Allah the Almighty, the Hadith, their meanings and explanations for children has received very good response with one thousand children registering. PAZ Tarbiyyah Enrichment Centre at Kampong Delima Satu is an Islamic Enrichment Centre focusing on educational projects for children aged four years and above.

At the beginning of its formation, the centre only conducted classes for 4 to 9 year old children at mosques and specific places. After receiving very encouraging response early this year, the centre was given an endowment in the form of a room in a building at Kampung Delima Satu to continue the Tarbiyyah project.

PAZ Tarbiyyah Enrichment Centre currently has seven teaching staff including two qualified instructors to guide the special needs children with a video model system designed especially to teacher them to read the "hijaei'yah" letters. The system teaches them how to read Al-Quran and recite 'doa or supplications.

The centre's founder added that PAZ Tarbiyyah will concentrate on learning experience among the children, besides fostering closer relations and teaching them to become independent or self-reliant. Further details on the centre are available its Instagram account, Tarbiyyah Global.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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