PenBorneo Organised Debut Dialogue (BruDirect (Brunei))

Pusat Pengkajian Borneo (PenBorneo), or the Borneo Research Centre of the Brunei History Centre, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports yesterday organised the first PenBorneo dialogue session.

Besides promoting PenBorneo as a source of history for reference as well as a research centre, the programme aimed to give a clear understanding to government officers, students and general public on the importance of learning history.

The event was held at the Borneo Research Centre in Berakas which saw a lecture by Dr. Maslin bin Haji Jukim from the Faculty of Literature and Social Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), on the topic ‘Stories Through Memories’.

The programme also aimed to improve the participants’ thinking and analytical skills and inculcate interest in studying history.

‘Stories Through memories’ is one of the history projects that collected stories of individuals who lived in Brunei during the World War II (1941-1945). It showcases the experiences of local people, especially two weeks before the end of the war between Japan and the local people.

According to history, in the closing month of the World War II, Australian forces launched a series of assaults on Japanese occupied Borneo as part of a planned campaign to liberate the Netherland East Indies. Codenamed Oboe, six operations were planned but only three proceeded.

The Oboe operations began with the landing at Tarakan on May 1, 1945, followed in June with attacks on the Japanese around Brunei Bay and in July with the assault on Balikpapan.

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