People pay homage to the City Pillar Shrine – Wat Suthat. Tight for family day

Bangkok, of every year is considered "Family Day" this year after Covid has subsided. People come to pay homage at the City Pillar Shrine and Wat Suthat. A lot together To enhance prosperity for oneself and one's family By wanting the country to be peaceful Unity and may you and your family become even stronger. Because April 14th of every year is "Family Day" which falls on Songkran Day in Thailand. Because it is considered a good opportunity to reunite with relatives, make merit, and create warmth for the family. Since this morning, people as families have come to pay homage to bathe the Naga Prok in the area of ??Wat Suthat Thepwararam Ratchaworawihan, Bangkok, and to pay homage to the City Pillar Shrine. To enhance prosperity for oneself and one's family In this regard, from asking the people who came to pay homage at the City Pillar Shrine by Mrs. Methiya, the people said that I want the country to have peace. Bad things disappear and only good things happen. May you and your family be healthy. And may His Majesty the King Rama 10 and all of His Majesty have good health and strength. The City Pillar Shrine is a belief that Thai Buddhists come to worship as a representative of stability. and prosperity according to the belief that has been passed down While in the area of ??Wat Suthat Thepwararam Ratchaworawihan People came to pay homage to sacred objects such as Buddha Sri Sakyamuni. Phra Suntareewani (floating body), Phra Buddha Trilokchet, Phra Kring Yai, Thao Wessuwan. Phra Buddha Setthamuni Phra Buddha Rangsi Muthrabhai There were a lot of people, with Miss Pimnara saying that she wanted to ask for blessings for herself and her family. Especially father and mother are more healthy. You and your brothers and sisters will prosper in your careers as well as having a peaceful country with no conflicts and more unity among all groups. However, Family Day was first established in 1989. It has great importance and connection with the Songkran festival. By designating April 14 as "Family Day," it is considere d a good opportunity for families to gather together. Make merit and dedicate merit to your ancestors, pour water on your head and ask for blessings from the elders. To enhance prosperity and warmth for the family. According to Thai traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation which most people will join together to do various activities To strengthen family love and bonds, such as family reunions, making merit, and dedicating merit to ancestors. Pouring water on one's head and asking for blessings from the elders in the family Organizing recreational activities such as eating together Playing family games etc. Source: Thai News Agency