Performing the Korban or the Rites of Sacrifice Is One of the Islamic Syiar or Eminence

Performing the Korban or the Rites of Sacrifice is one of the Islamic Syiar or eminence. Muslims are encouraged to glorify the Korban by sacrificing Al-An'am animals namely camels, cattle, buffaloes and goats. Awang Haji MohdSofian bin Awang Tengah, Senior Buhuth Officer at the State Mufti Department explained that performing the Rites of Sacrifice is SunatMuakkadah or Commendable religious deed that is almost obligatory for those who can afford it.

While performing the sacrificial rite, cleanliness is emphasised, be it the tools or the location where the Rites of Sacrifice will take place. This is to ensure that the sacrificial meat is clean.

The Rites of Sacrifice can instil community spirit, a sense of responsibility and care towards helping others specifically the poor and destitute, and at the same time making alms giving a practice. Meanwhile, the slaughtered animals will become transports for those who performed the Rites of Sacrifice while crossing the SiratulMustaqim in the Hereafter.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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