Platform to Recognise the Deeds of Youths

Several programmes have been lined up to further enliven the 14th National Youth Day celebration. The celebration will be held this Saturday, 3rd of August at the Plenary Hall, International Convention Centre in Berakas. Among the programmes provided are the National Youth Day Awards namely Excellent Youth, Youth in Service, Young Leaders Youth and Excellent Project for Youths. Awang Muhammad Amirul Syazmie bin Ibrahim, Youth and Sports Officer explained that this year's celebration focuses on the concept of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

According to Awang Muhammad Amirul Syazmie the National Youth Day celebration is a platform to recognise the deeds of youths or youth leaders who have worked hard together building up the youths in their respective fields aside from that it is also a recognition of the youth movement through the projects or programmes that they have carried out. The criteria for the National youth awards include the activeness of the youth in carrying out programmes or participating in any activities conducted as well as the impact of the programme on the youth community specifically and the society in general.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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