Practise of Visiting and Hosting Open Houses

Visiting one another and hosting Open Houses are part of the culture and tradition of the country's people when celebrating Hari Raya. The tradition of visiting one another, practising the Bruneian people's culture, being respectful, as well as having a caring and loving attitude all need to be maintained despite facing the many changes brought about by globalisation.

The practise of visiting one another and giving food are certainly some of the things recommended by the Prophet S.A.W. Hari Raya are also the right time to foster closer relations with our close contacts. If during other months we are swamped with work and a hectic daily routine, then this is the perfect opportunity for us to reignite and strengthen the bond with our neighbours, relatives and friends.

If previously there were tensions, misunderstandings, or disputes, then we should take this opportunity to repair and mend these loose ties by offering and extending forgiveness from one another. Seeking forgiveness will be able to eliminate past disputes and rejuvenate the existing relationship.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri also provides us with an opportunity to strengthen relations with not only our Muslim brothers and sisters, but also with non-Muslims regardless of race and ethnicity.

There is certainly a wide variety of food and drinks that one can easily buy from supermarket shelves. In the midst of celebrating Hari Raya, however, we need to be mindful so as to avoid over-spending and being wasteful as Islam advocates its followers to always be moderate in all matters, including in our spending.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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