Preparation and Health Briefing for the Country’s Intending Pilgrims

A number of initiatives have been carried out by the Haj Medical Office for the provision of health services for the country's haj intending pilgrims in the holy land. The Haj Clinic in Madinah is located at the Taibah Dallah Hotel with 6 doctors and 14 nurses on duty. Services provided by the clinic include 24-hour outpatient services, emergency, pharmacy and ambulance services. Meanwhile the Mobile Clinic Service will only be conducted at Makkah Al-Mukaramah. The Head of the Haj Medical Office explained on the Preparation and Health Briefing for the country's intending pilgrims.

Doctor Haji Mahmud Shauqi bin Haji Mahmud Saedon said that the health briefing will cover the preparations required to ensure the intending pilgrims will be able to face the long journey in hot weather conditions. The briefing will also touch on keeping hydrated and taking medicine on a regular basis for those requiring it as well as medicine to reduce the effects of motion sickness.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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