Prepare Youth for the Future

​All parties whether parents, family, the society and the nation, have a role in guiding and leading the youth so they become religious, obedient to their parents, have noble values and have respect for one another. Hence, with proper guidance, it can strengthen the youth’s self-identity and become youth who are responsible to the religion and the nation. Youth who are taught and guided with religious values will not simply do any vice. This was among the content of yesterday’s Friday Sermon titled ‘Belia Siaga Masa Depan’.


According to the Imam or prayer leader, this year the country celebrates the 15th Youth Day that carried the theme ‘Belia Siaga Masa Depan’. In the future, there will be challenges that the country will face, and this requires proper preparation to strengthen the country’s development and growth process. Hence, to ensure the country’s continuous prosperity and development, we require youth who are holistic and not only excellent in education, spiritual and having good character, but also skilled, innovative and creative inline with the rapid world development in various fields to continue the country’s development agenda and the Wawasan Brunei 2035.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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