Product Is Not Certified Halal

Masterfood brand Teriyaki Marinade product, an Australian product which was found sold at one of the supermarkets in the country, is not certified halal as it contains Sherry which is a type of alcohol.

The finding was the result of public complaints to the Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Department of Syariah Affairs. In addressing this matter, the Department of Syari'iah Affairs has ordered for the product to be immediately separated from public storage and placed in a 'Non-Halal' zone. All importers, supermarkets and shops in the country are also advised to immediately put aside if there are similar products distributed and sold at their respective premises. The Ministry of Religious Affairs also reminds owners, managers, entrepreneurs, traders, suppliers and importers of products and consumer goods in the country to always be vigilant and more sensitive on imported products and consumer goods that will be sold to the public in their supermarkets or shops by ensuring that halal products are not mixed with non-halal products. This is to protect the welfare of the Muslim community in the country from unknowingly taking and using products and goods that are not halal.

The public who wish to make complaints and share information on the sale of non-halal products openly at business premises can contact the Department of Syariah Affairs through the Halal Food Control Division at hotline 7166222 or any office of the Halal Food Control Division in each district.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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