Production Value Target of $170 Million for Vegetable Sector In 2019

In Brunei Darussalam, the crop industry is one of the vital industries that contribute to the country's economic growth aside from strengthening sufficient production of food to be enjoyed by the country's people. In 2017, the overall crop industry yield recorded almost 60 million dollars compared to 56 million dollars the previous year. The vegetable industry is one of the largest contributors to last year's overall crop industry with a contribution value of almost 35 million dollars.

The vegetable industry plays a role in supplying quality vegetables with beneficial nutritional sources for human health. The vegetable industry is the third largest industry in the agriculture and agrifood sector. The Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism through the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood targets production value in the vegetable sector to increase to one hundred and 70 million dollars in 2019 and a target value of one hundred and 81 million dollars in 2020.

The agriculture development areas, KKP's in the country involved in vegetable farming are the Si Bongkok, Tungku, Sinaut and Lumapas Agriculture Development areas. The whole area used for vegetable farming involves one hundred and 62 hectares.

In line with developments in technology diversification, the vegetable industry is now experiencing dynamic changes with the production of quality vegetables that have added value such as taste, colour and size. A number of technologies which have been assimilated include the use of rapidly developing technology such as crops planted without the use of soil such as hydroponics using nutrient infused water, aeropponics, drop system technology, aquaponics and static technology, greenhouses, as well as the use of hydroponics and fertigation systems. Such technologies can produce high capacity crop yield in a limited area and does not require a large workforce. The use of technology can also reduce treatment costs on the crops and farms.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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