‘Projek Menghantar Sedekah’ Charity Activity

In together helping those in need and alleviating their burden, especially when the month of Ramadan is approaching, members of the Muslimah Group of Kampong Mata-Mata Gadong Religious Hall with the cooperation of members of Kampong Mata-Mata Gadong Takmir Committee yesterday held a charity activity named 'Projek Menghantar Sedekah' for the needy with a presentation of contributions.

The contributions in the form of basic necessities were handed over by Awang Haji Metali bin Haji Khamis, Ketua Kampong of Mata-Mata Gadong as the head of the delegation to Awang Haji Omar bin Abd. Aziz, Penghulu of Mukim Ukong. 26 under-privileged families in Kampung Bukit were selected to receive the contributions. This activity is the third such project conducted by the Kampng Mata-Mata Gadong Religious Hall and will be extended to the other districts.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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