Protocol 1 – 4 to use ART, PCR for Necessary Cases

Antigen Rapid Test, ART is able to detect and confirmed COVID-19 as practised in other countries. At a recent press conference, Consultant of Infectious Diseases at the Ministry of Health advised the public to adapt to the Ministry of Health's new protocols, as the best way to confirmed if someone is infected with COVID-19. Protocols 1 to 4 emphasised on the use of ART and PCR tests for necessary cases only. For close contact, PCR test is not required, they only need to do ART on the first and fifth day.

Dr Hajah Riamiza Natalie binti Haji Osman further explained that in the case of close contact, one should conduct ART if they experienced fever, flu or sore throat. If one only experienced fever on the second day, they need to retake the ART. If the ART result is positive, this mean the individual is confirmed positive for COVID-19. If the result is negative, then they need to conduct ART on the fifth day. However, if the ART on the fifth day turned to be positive, they are advised to conduct another test on the 7th day.

Doctor Hajah Riamiza also explained on the quarantine period for those confirmed with COVID-29 from ART result. If one is negative on the fifth day ART but found to be positive COVID-19 on sixth day, they need to be quarantine until the 10th day. She added, the duration of quarantine order are depending on the ART result. PCR is longer required as the main test to confirmed if one is positive with COVID-19, except for certain situations.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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