Quality Teachers drive towards a Developed Nation

Teacher is a social architect who possesses agenda in carrying out the process of education effectively in order to produce a student with identity, knowledge and takwa. Without quality teachers, it is difficult to succeed in any development and formation of the discipline as planned. This was among shared by the Assistant Senior Technical Instructor of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Institute of Brunei Technical Education, Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus and recipient of Excellent Teacher Award during the 28th Teacher's Day Celebration.

According to Pengiran Hj Md Wahab Bin Pg Hj Abdullah, quality teachers are those who are able to master and realize all the skills, knowledge and expertise as a tool to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning in schools. The global crisis of COVID-19 outbreak is not only the cause of conventional teachings and learning to be postponed but also making the duty of a teacher become more challenging. This is because teachers need to adapt to new life norms and habits that require the Teaching and Learning process to be implemented via online.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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