Ramadhan Helps Students to Focus on Studies

School activities are carried out as usual. However, the schooling time is reduced to give an opportunity for the students to carry out their religious obligation in Ramadhan.

The students turn up at school with a renewed determination. Attending school in the fasting month does not hinder them from learning knowledge. The decreased period of time spent at school in Ramadhan enables them to focus on fasting. Pre-schoolers and students of Year One to Year Three are exempted from attending school. While for students of Year Four to Year Six, their class begins at 8 until half-past nine in the morning; and half-past-twelve until two in the afternoon. For the Arab Preparatory School, class for Year Five and Six begins at half-past seven in the morning until 12-noon. While for the Arab Secondary School from Year Seven to Pre-University, class begins at half-past seven in the morning until half-past twelve noon. Their class is filled with the Tadarus and Al-Quran learning, practical and revisions.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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