Ramadhan Opens Opportunities to Further Strengthen the Family Institution

The month of Ramadhan teaches Muslims to better understand the meaning of patience, repentance as well as piety to Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala by performing more religious deeds. Ramadhan can also strengthen brotherly and caring relations amongst Muslims fostered through carrying out religious deeds throughout the month.

During the month, Muslims are encouraged to use the existing opportunity to further strengthen the family institution by breaking the fast together, performing tarawih prayers, tadarus or reading the quran. This Islamic culture should be practised in daily life to strengthen the familial ties. Yang Berhormat Awang Iswandy bin Ahmad, member of the Legislative Council, in an interview with RTB said, such practises carried out together with other members of the family will further strengthen the family institution. Ramadhan is also the time for the micro family to reach out to the extended family and renew the existing ties.

Therefore let's make Ramadhan a month that is truly blessed for all, aside from building the ukhuwah or solidarity as well as prevent oneself from being involved in enmity and hatred as Islam encourages its ummah to always foster good, friendly and harmonious relations.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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