RBAF Concluded Keris Aman Capstone 2015 Peacekeeping Exercise (BruDirect (Brunei))

Personnel from the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) took part in the Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) exercise codenamed ‘Keris Aman Capstone 2015’ held in Port Dickson, Malaysia, that ended last Monday on August 24 with a closing ceremony.

Hosted by the Malaysian Armed Forces in cooperation with the United States Pacific Command’s Global Peace Operations Initiative programme, the exercise began on August 11 as an annual multinational PKO exercise to develop and maintain capability, capacity and effectiveness of PKOs. This year’s exercise involves a total of 1,026 military and civilian personnel from 29 participating nations.

In a statement, Brunei’s Ministry of Defence said that the closing ceremony was officiated by the Chief of Defence Force of the Malaysian Armed Forces, General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr.Zulkifeli bin Mohd Zin as the guest of honour who also presented certificates of completion to participating nations.

The exercise was conducted in two main events; the Staff Training Event (STE) and Field Training Event (FTE). The STE focuses on improving multinational readiness and coordination in a United Nations (UN) Force Headquarters and at operational level environment, whereas the FTE focus on enhancing the capacity of a nation to train, plan, prepare, manage and conduct PKOs at the tactical level.

The FTE also provides the platform for participants to exchange organizational tactics, techniques and procedures to reinforce or improve tactical PKOs. In addition, it also acts as a pre-requirement training for troops being earmarked for deployment to UN PKOs missions.

This was the third PKOs multinational exercise attended by the RBAF whose first involvement was in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 2008 during an exercise codenamed ‘Exercise Shanti Doot-2’. The second RBAF participation was in the Republic of Indonesia in 2009 during an exercise codenamed ‘Exercise Garuda Shield 09’.

Brunei Darussalam has undertaken an active and participative role in the United Nations PKOs since 1992 in the United Nation Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC).

Since 2008, it remains committed to the United Nations PKOs, specifically for the UNIFIL mission and is also taking part in the International Monitoring Team (IMT) in Mindanao, Republic of Philippines.

RBAF’s participation in this exercise is consistent with the efforts to be flexible in a variety of security tasks and to be inter-operable with regional and international security partners as stipulated in the Brunei Defence White Paper Update 2007, the statement said.

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