Re-Opening of Cinemas

The Ministry of Home Affairs also announced the reopening of all the country’s cinemas in the implementation of the First Phase De-escalation Plan that begins Monday, 6th of July 2020.


The reopening of cinemas must obey the following conditions:-


FOR CINEMA OWNERS OR OPERATORS:- The cinema owners or operators are required to obtain the specific BruHealth QR Code for their premises and print and put it up on the entrance of the premises for visitors to scan before entering and shortly before leaving the premises. Limit the number of visitors allowed to enter at one time to 30% of the normal capacity of the sitting space at the cinema; checking of body temperature must be done before entering the cinema; the cinema owners or operators must ensure their employees always wear face masks, workers who are unwell are advised not to come to work; ensure the interval between the screenings of the film is long enough for the cinema to fully sanitise the seats and cinema hall; ensure physical and social distancing including the implementation of instruction given by the Government such as ensuring the social distancing of visitors is at least two seats, the cinema should display a notice on the maximum capacity of visitors at one time at a suitable place, it is not allowed to increase seating space capacity from the normal capacity; and the cinema must provide hand-sanitizers. Any owner or operator found to disobey the stated conditions could face legal action under the Infectious Diseases Act, Chapter 204; and cinema owners or operators are requested to obey instructions given by the Government from time to time.


FOR CINEMA VISITORS:- Children aged 15 years and below are not allowed to enter cinemas and visitors must possess the code which is obtained through the BruHealth application before visiting the desired cinema. Only visitors who have the appropriate code which is green or yellow will be allowed to enter the premise, the public who wish to enter cinemas should book seats first and buy tickets online. Cinema visitors must wear face masks and are not allowed to eat or drink while watching the film. Members of the public who have symptoms of infection are advised not to visit cinemas until they recover.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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