Reducing Unemployment with E-Government Clinic (BruDirect (Brunei))

In A joint effort to curb the increase of unemployment in the country, the E-Government Services Clinic powered by e-Darussalam (as the official web portal), in collaboration with PSC Recruitment, Government Employee Management System (GEMS) and Job Centre Brunei (APTK), initiated a campaign to increase public awareness on their objectives and services that will enable job seekers to apply for job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

This event was held at the Multipurpose Hall of the Fire and Rescue Department at Old Airport Berakas. The Government E-Services Clinic will enable the public to conveniently register and activate their e-Darussalam accounts, scanning and uploading their curriculum vitae (CV’s) and update their profiles on the PSC Recruitment, GEMS and Job Centre Brunei instantly.

It is compulsory for job seekers to register an E-Darussalam account to access online services and among other services they provide include driving licence renewal, electricity bill payment, submission of electric metre reading and application of business licences.

Speaking to the Bulletin, Dayangku Siti Khadizah binti Pengiran Haji Bakar, Assistant Commissioner of Labour, representing the Job Centre Brunei under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) said, “We mainly focus on the private sector of local job seekers only, as we are the Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency. We are the facilitators linking compatible job seekers and employers, provided that they register.”

The new online system was recently launched by MoHA, dubbed the Electronic Labour Exchange System (ELX) on June 20.

“Other services that we provide include counselling services as part of a motivational programme and career guidance for employers who feel that their employees require discipline. We also provide training services,” she continued.

According to the Assistant Commissioner of Labour, “This initiative is intended to be a long-term solution for the current high unemployment rate. So far, only two per cent of degree holders and above have registered and 75 per cent of ‘0’ Level leavers and below are registered in our system. We would like more graduates to register into the system.”

Currently, the Job Centre Brunei is collaborating with companies in hospitality, wholesale and retail, supported by prominent companies such as Hua Ho, The Empire Hotel and Country Club, Giant and Rentokil among others, who have shown enthusiasm in supporting to hire local job seekers.

As of yesterday, the Job Centre has a total of 209 vacancies, 2,188 registered job seekers and 263 registered companies.

As part of the campaign, the Government Employee Management System focuses on keeping records and updating the profile of current government employees (excluding uniformed personnel apart from Immigration and Fire and Rescue Department personnel), such as CV’s, performance appraisals, attendance, previous working experience within the public sector, application forms to leave the country and leave, according to Awangku Mohammad Ikram bin Haji Pengiran Manshoor, an officer under GEMS.

Hanani Ajak, from the E-Government Promotion Unit, ITEG, Prime Minister’s Office, said, “The reason why the clinic is powered by E-Darussalam i8 because PSC Recruitment and the Job Centre Brunei is using e-Darussalam account to allow the public to log into their portal, therefore it is imperative to register through e-Darussalam first.”

As of July, there are currently 40,000 users and the reason why we are holding this clinic is because the public can easily access the scanners provided here. We have three counters available here for registration, activation and change of password,” she continued.

The campaign will be held from August 20 to 22 at the Multipurpose Hall. For further information, visit PSC Recruitment at, GEMS at, JobCentre Brunei at and e-Darussalam at

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