Registration for Year 7 Students in the Tutong District

In the Tutong District, 631 Year 7 students registered in 5 secondary schools during the registration session that began yesterday.

The Tanjong Maya Secondary School was among the schools that received new intakes. The registration session was filled with academic briefing on the offered subjects throughout the year, followed by the student’s affairs briefing, that emphasised on the importance of attendance, as well as briefing from the scholarship section. The 3-day orientation is also held for the new students.

Another new program that was absorbed into this year’s registration was a briefing on the benefits and importance of life insurance to students while carrying out activities at school. According to Dayang Nur Darwisyah Hannani binti Abdullah Yong, the school’s counsellor, the insurance coverage is as low as 5 dollars for one year.

When interviewed, parents hope to give adequate attention to their children’s education, and will cooperate with the school to ensure the children’s success.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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