Reopening Of Children Care Centres

26 of the 45 Children Care Centres registered with the Department of Community Development, JAPEM resumed operations yesterday with 30 percent capacity at one time. The reopening of the care centre aims to provide an opportunity for working parents to send their children to be cared for during working hours. Only children aged 2 and above are allowed to be sent to the centre with the focus on child care only for morning and afternoon sessions or according to days with the main conditions and Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs set by the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Health and JAPEM.

The main conditions imposed on the care centre, Parents and staff must complete 2 doses of vaccination as well as have a green or yellow BruHealth code and proof of vaccination confirmation must be shown; conduct ART screening once a week for parents and staff including support staff; While children must undergo ART using 'saliva swab samples'. Only individuals with negative ART results were allowed into the centre and individuals with symptoms and high risk are not allowed; Premises must have adequate ventilation with the installation of a "Hepa Filter" AND Premise owners must comply with the general guidelines of the Ministry of Health for each staff and children aged 2 and above at all times.

For more information visit or or call Talian ANAK, 121.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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