Research on Pantun Melayu Brunei

As part of efforts to protect, preserve and empower Pantun Melayu Brunei or Brunei Malay Quatrains, the Research Unit of the Langauage and Literature Bureau's Research, Documentation and Recognition Division is organising a research on Pantun Melayu Brunei in the Brunei Muara District. The project will be carried out from this month until August and briefing on it was held yesterday morning.

The session was attended by Dayang Hajah Sariani Binti Haji Ishak, the Acting Director of the Language and Literature Bureau. The briefing on the research was conducted by Awang Suip Bin Haji Abdul Wahab, Senior Language Officer as Head of the Pantun Melayu Brunei Research Project In Borneo. A briefing on Pantun Melayu Brunei was delivered by Associate Professor Dr. Haji Hashim Bin Haji Abdul Hamid, Culture Elite and Resource Person. The objective of the research is to trace, collect and identify the history of the origins and authenticity of the Brunei Malay Quatrains. The project aims to gain added value and reference materials for use in the dissemination of Malay Literature and Cultural knowledge in print form and in upholding Pantun Melayu Brunei or Brunei Malay Quatrains as a major part of the Bruneian identity and symbol. Awang Suip, as the project leader added the research is conducted on Brunei Malay Quatrains in the four districts and would be extended later to Bruneian communities in Borneo, including Sabah and Sarawak as well as Indonesia's Kalimantan provinces. The research will map out areas where the Bruneian communities live in Borneo and identify informants who are experts in 'pantun' or quatrains.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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