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His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam also visited a number of primary and secondary education institutions. The monarch also made a stop at the residence of the ketua kampung and several house key recipients' homes.

The Anggerak Desa Primary School in Mukim Berakas 'A' was first destination of His Majesty's visit. When it was first established in 1962, the Anggerak Desa Primary School was known as Anggerek Desa Malay School in conjunction with the village's name. Led by Dayang Mardiah binti Wahab as headmistress, the school has more than 300 students from pre-school to Year 6 with 54 teachers.

During the visit, His Majesty watched a dental care demonstration by Year 3 pupils. The pupils undergo dental examinations according to the daily schedule. In line with its vision ' Towards Continuous Education Fulfilling Worldly and Hereafter Needs', the school is determined to produce quality individuals and shape students to love and be loyal to the land and country, parents, family and community.

The monarch also visited the Special Education Unit. Apart from providing lessons for normal students, the school also has students with special needs. Through the Ministry of Education's Special Education Policy Implementation for Inclusive Education in 1997, students with special needs are given the opportunity to take their lessons in normal schools.

In last year's Primary School Assessment, PSR, the school showed an improvement in the percentage of students' passes compared to the previous year, which is 59 percent in 2016 compared to 57 point 1 percent in 2015. From Anggerek Desa Primary School, His Majesty continued his visit to Mulaut Primary School in Mukim Sengkurong. Originally the school was known as Mulaut Malay School, built by the residents of Kampung Mulaut and Bebatik. The new Mulaut Primary School building was built in 2013 and was first used in February last year.

Currently, 255 pupils are undergoing lessons from pre-school to Year 6, guided by 36 teachers led by Doctor Nadiah binti Haji Mohamad Noor as Headmistress. During the visit, His Majesty took an interest with the Science activity participated by the pupils and the monarch himself tried out the activity.

In line with its mission to provide pupils with basic education and knowledge to produce quality individuals, a number of academic programmes are taught to the pupils. Among them, the 'Buddy System' programme through the school's Professional Learning Community for the subjects of Mathematics, Malay Language, English Language and Malay Islamic Monarchy, MIB as well as PSR preparation programme and the Home-link Science Word Bank. The 'Home-link Reading Clinic' for Malay and English Languages also helps pupils who require guidance in basic reading.

With the vision, 'Effective Schools, Excellent Teachers, Excellent Pupils', the school among other matters aims to gain excellence in academics, establishing a conducive school culture, enhance the pupils skills in ICT as well as providing sufficient basic school requirements and facilities.

The Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre, which is also located in Kampung Mulaut, was the monarch's next destination. Before moving to its permanent site in January 2014, the Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre was using the current Katok Secondary School building. Today, the Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre has more than 600 students at Pre-university 1 and 2, 106 teachers and 29 school staff. The centre is also making an effort to enhance teaching and learning for individual excellence, in line with its mission ' Providing Opportunities to All Students to realise their potential and becoming better citizens'.

His Majesty also watched a demonstration by students taking part in co curriculum activity clubs such as karate, kendo and also Brunei traditional games. As an expression of thanks for His Majesty's visit, the monarch was presented with a pasambah of a painting by one of the Sengkurong Sixth Form Centre students.

His Majesty's visit is one of the long awaited moments by the students, giving a boost to study and advance themselves. The monarch's attention towards learning is the main focus in ensuring the importance of education for the people. The visit to the education institutions also shows the monarch's attention towards the progress and development of education in the country.

The Mukim and Kampung Consultative institutions as well as leadership of penghulus and village chiefs were also given attention by His Majesty. The monarch then made a stop at the residence of Awang Haji Lamat bin Nawang, Ketua Kampung of Tanjong Nangka. With 615 houses, Kampung Tanjong Nangka is one of the villages in Mukim Sengkurong. His Majesty is a nation's leader who is always hands on in order to find out the development and problems faced by his subjects through visits to mukims and villages.

Apart from being greeted by the village residents, His Majesty's presence showed the moanrch's attention towards the efficacy of the penghulu mukim institution. His Majesty in his titah frequently reminds the Mukim and Kampung Consultative Councils to carry out their respective roles as catalysts to grassroot level leadership.

His Majesty then made a few stops at the houses of the house key recipients of the Kampung Lugu National Housing Scheme Cluster Houses in Mukim Sengkurong. One thousand units of cluster houses were built under the RPN Lugu with an environmental friendly and energy saving building concept. Every house unit has an area of 130 square metres and equipped with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living and dining rooms, as well as kitchen and 2 covered garages. Also provided at the national housing scheme are public facility areas such as schools, community, recreation and commercial centre.

Living in their own house, the recipients feel more comfortable and it brings new meaning to their live because they move in just in time for the sacred month of Ramadan and will be able to celebrate Syawal. Each and every one of them are delighted as they assembled - waiting for their beloved Monarch. The close rapport between the people and the king is the pillar for the rakyat to uphold the sovereignty of the Monarch.

Since achieving independence in 1984, the rakyat and residents have and continue to enjoy multiple facilities, among them the provision of houses. This clearly reflects His Majesty's due attention and care to their welfare, and directly proves the government's commitment in realising His Majesty's aspiration, especially in providing sustainable and affordable homes. This is in line with one of the objectives in the National Development Plan, NDP, toward enhancing the living standard of the people. The award of the land lots and house keys will certainly provides comfort to the recipients, and at the same time, raise the standard of living of the country's population.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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