Safety Advice while Hiking

​The Ministry of Health has reminded the public who engage in recreational activities such as ‘hiking’ or hill climbing to exercise caution in order to avoid serious injuries and health problems. In a media release, the Ministry of Health said people who experience non-communicable chronic diseases such as heart or cardio disease, diabetes and others, or have risks such as high blood pressure, overweight or are taking medication for heart or respiratory problems and diabetes should seek the doctor’s advice before starting such activity. The media release added that lately there has been a significant increase in the number of people participating in hill climbing. The sport is a heavy cardio-exercise and physical activity that activates all muscles in the body, especially thigh and lower leg muscles. Hill climbing should be done by experienced individuals not people who are new to such activity. The Ministry of Health also provides recommendations and advice on hiking.


– Start with light movements or physical activity and increase the intensity slowly.

– Before starting the climb, start slowly and preferably on flat ground and avoid steep places.

– Bring appropriate equipment and wear suitable clothes and shoes for hill climbing to avoid injury.

– Inform family or close friends about climbing plans.

– Make route planning and do not forget to bring a mobile phone.

– Make sure the time and weather are suitable for hill climbing.

– Avoid climbing hills in the late afternoon or evening or when the weather forecast is uncertain.

– As a precaution, bring a whistle, lamp and light raincoat as the basic equipment for each climbing activity.

– Bring enough carbohydrate foods and water or drinks to energize and prevent dehydration.

– Avoid climbing hills alone or separating from the group.

– Stop doing activities and rest for a while when you feel tired or dizzy or have difficulty breathing or feel your heart rate increasing rapidly.

– Wait until the heart rate returns to normal or at a rate that you feel comfortable with before continuing the climb.

In case of an emergency or feeling unable to continue climbing do not panic and do not move from where you are.

– Call the Search and Rescue Line, 998 immediately.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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