Safety Briefing Session

The Safety briefing session by officers from the Pusat Al-Islah, Narcotic Control Bureau for the committee members of Kampung Kupang Tutong Consultative Council aimed to established cooperative relations with the surrounding community and disseminate information on the centre's background. Yesterday morning's programme was participated by residents of Jalan Kerakas Payau and Kampung Kupang as well Kampung Kupang Mosque Takmir committee and muslimah group.

Awang Zainol Adi bin Haji Ajmain, Assistant Director of Pusat Al-Islah who is also the the centre's commandant, said the programme which was collaborated for the first time is hope to share relative information particularly safety measures to be taken in case of unwanted incidences at the centre. A briefing on drug prevention was also held to raise the community awareness on the danger of drug abuse.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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