Salute to Mat Zain, but beware of what comes next

Now former Kuala Lumpur police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief Mat Zain Ibrahim has come out with a good analysis on the apparent lies behind the RM2.6 billion cover-up, and has even made a police report.

Kim Quek: Attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali is a dead duck.

Just ask him to produce the name of the donor, as well as any evidence that the latter had remitted the US$681 million to Najib Abdul Razak and received the US$620 million of unused funds from the Malaysian prime minister six months later.

Furthermore, please ask him to show that the donor did possess sufficient assets of his own to make such a donation. The police can conduct the investigation, while the solicitor-general may then prosecute the individuals concerned.

The real question is: do the police and the solicitor-general have the integrity and courage to enforce the law against the AG?

Apa Nama: It is always true that to cover up one lie, one would need to tell thousands of lies.

At the end of the day, people will become fatigue of all this information and surrender to the lies. This is how a nation goes to the dogs.

History has proven that time and again, yet Malaysia seems incapable of learning lessons from others.

Clever Voter: The AG's disregard of public perception and interest in Najib's case has undermined the credibility of institutions which were designed to protect and uphold the sovereignty and integrity of the justice system. It is irreversible.

Recent cases overseas have led to the overthrowing of governments and such; the BN government must be really thankful to our indifferent and passive middle class.

Meanwhile, their tight control of the media is obvious. The government's strategy of 'ruling by fear' is now in place.

Fortunately, many concerned individuals have acted in protest and should continue to do so. I am sure that one of these sides will eventually crack.

Anonymous_3e21: Mr AG, for once please stand up and be counted.

People are accusing you left, right and centre, yet you either keep silent or come up with some kind of excuses which even kindergarten kids would laugh at.

Little Sparrow: Apandi - just like his boss - is so thick-skinned that they don't know what is shame any more.

In countries like Japan, South Korea or Australia, those in their positions would have resigned voluntarily long ago. And in Japan, such a shameful act would have caused them to commit harakiri (honourable suicide).

But in Bolehland, all the BN ministers will never resign - even if they had committed serious mistakes or crimes. People like them will cling on to power at all costs.

XED: Forbes' list may not be accurate. Some people hide their wealth. Apparently, the list is for wealth earned by entrepreneurs. Is the Sultan of Brunei on the list? He rules an inherited kingdom, sitting on a huge amount of oil.

As for Najib, it is simply unbelievable that he received a huge donation and returned most of it. Why return the donation if there was nothing wrong with receiving it?

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Prince Mutaib Abdulaziz must be extraordinarily generous to donate about US$700 million to Najib, and after which made himself poorer than the recipient, if that is true. Do you think he is that stupid?

Abasir: Brilliant, Mat Zain. And thank you for stoking the embers of hope now when everyone associated with Najib are scurrying to conceal his alleged crimes for their own personal gains.

As someone else has suggested, if and when this nightmare is over, you should take charge of our law enforcement and bring the scoundrels to book.

Lusiapa: May Allah abundantly bless this courageous and upright man. He has taken great pains to justify his allegations by providing facts and figures. These cannot be simply dismissed outright.

It is heartening to know that there are still good and God-fearing people in the police force - although the number may be small.

May the good example of this former KL CID chief be an inspiration to all law enforcement officers to do the right thing, and not to succumb to short-term material gains.

FutureMalaysians: Mat Zain, here's a salute for you.

Patriot1: It is indeed comforting to know that there are some very honourable members of the police force who are still doing services for the betterment of the country even after their retirement.

Yawkwai: Remember, Mat Zain, 'cash is king' can do wonders. So, you had better beware of what's forthcoming.

Hopeful123: We are always reminded to speak the truth and never lie. Once a lie is told, then it has to be covered by many other lies until the original lie is forgotten.

This is exactly what is happening here. Lies after lies and they have lost track until common sense is insulted. They would never have thought that Forbes and the sequence of rich Arab princes would ever challenge the lies uttered.

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