Savings Measure Reduces Non-Priority Spending and Avoids Wastage

The government spending control measures that have been implemented are among the Prudent Spending Initiatives which was one of the main focuses of the Financial Year 2017-2018 Budget. The initiative supports the theme 'Balanced Expenditure to Support Sustainable Economic Growth' to protect the country's financial strength from being jeopardised following the current uncertain global economic situation, which is unpredictable in the years to come.

Under the Prudent Spending priority, the focus of government saving is on a decrease in non-priority spending and avoiding wastage. Among the government spending control measures carried out include updating facilities for government officers who are attending courses and conferences overseas, reviewing for the right-sizing of the civil service and reviewing utility expenses such as electricity, water and telephone usage.

The government is also making efforts to increase revenue, among them through the implementation of the facility rental system, FRS, since the 1st of September last year that enables the public to rent sports, recreation and other facilities at government departments including schools. This emphasis is also given to efforts to enforce government revenue collection, for example with the establishment of the Board of review to facilitate the income tax assessment appeal process and increase efforts in collection of arrears.

Even though with the current limited national revenue resources situation, but the government is still able to plan expenses to carry out priority projects and programmes. The initiatives carried out are to ensure the well-being and prosperity of the country today will continue to be enjoyed by future generations. The country's citizens and residents welcome the government initiative to control spending.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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