School Holiday Activities

School holidays allow students and teachers to take a short break from their formal education environment. The holidays also give time for teachers to make preparations for the next school terms. However, it doesn't mean that pupils and students can completely relax from school.

Come school holidays, pupils and students get a break from their formal environment and spend their time with their parents who are also regarded as their informal teachers. Parents play a crucial role in the life of their children as informal educators. Moreover in certain cases, parents play a pivotal role in passing down their knowledge to the youngsters.

A majority of parents take advantage of school holidays to forge closer rapport with their children. This is the time when parents share house works with their growing up kids, such as sprucing up the house and cleaning the compound. Some parents take their children on social trips.

Visiting places of national interest is a popular way of spending time together. Filling up their time doing beneficial activities is another process of gaining knowledge away from school. It also teaches them time-management and to appreciate the opportunity of being together with their parents.

Some parents, who can afford to take their children for holidays abroad, take this opportunity to visit popular destinations. This activity is also regarded as an educational trip, because from the journey, the children are able to gain new experience and exposure apart from enjoying the short break they deserve after studying hard at school.

Inculcating greater interest in reading books in the young generation is another beneficial time filler. Through this activity, the children will not only be able to expand their horizon but also interact with their peers to exchange views on myriad topics, as well as avoid from getting involved in negative elements.

Mosques are also organising a number of activities to fill up the children's time during the school break. Islam advocates its followers to be engaged in beneficial activities and manage their time wisely. They must avoid anti-social activities which will only cause the country to lose its valuable assets.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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