Security Increased While Haj Pilgrims Perform the Stoning Of the Jamrah

After completing the Wukuf in Arafah, millions of haj pilgrims from throughout the world are gathered in Mina to perform the stoning of the three jamrahs which is one of the pillars of haj. Meanwhile, security measures continue to be enhanced through the monitoring of every part of Mina.

A security office has been provided, gathering all relevant agencies in handling the safety of haj pilgrims. The security section monitors the situation at the area for the stoning of the jamrah and an emergency alarm will go to the control room, if there is overcrowding or congestion at the jamrah area. Security teams on duty at a number of areas will immediately take action and disperse the crowds. Before carrying out the stoning of the jamrah, haj pilgrims from every country are given a briefing on when they can perform the stoning with the aim of avoiding overcrowding and congestion at the jamrah complex. Haj pilgrims from the ASEAN member nations are scheduled to perform the stoning of the jamrah after the Asar prayer. The security teams are also monitoring the movement of the haj pilgrims in Mina from the air at all times using the Saudi Arabian air force helicopters.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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