Several Areas Affected By Flooding

Aside from residences, the flash flood in the Temburong district also caused several roads to be inundated and rendered impassable.

The affected areas in Mukim Amo include Kampung Parit Lama, Kampung Selangan and Kampung Batang Duri. In Mukim Bokok, affected areas include Kampung Bokok, Kampung Belais, Kampung Buda-Buda, Kampung Paya Begangan, Kampung Bekarut, Kampung Meniup, Kampung Lepong Lama, Kampung Temada and Kampung Semabat. Also affected were Bangar town, Kampung Sungai Tanit, Kampung Sungai Sulok, Kampung Menengah, Kampung Sungai Tanam, Kampung Parit Belayang, Kampung Belingos, Kampung Puni and Kampung Ujung Jalan. The flooding also affected residents in Kampung Senukoh in Mukim Labu and Kampung Batu Apoi and Kampung Selapon in Mukim Batu Apoi.

The Royal Brunei Police Force and the Fire and Rescue Department carried out monitoring to ensure the safety and well-being of village residents and road users. Residents affected by the flood are advised to take the necessary precautionary measures during the floods.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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