Silom Road will be closed on the last day until 8 p.m.

Bangkok, Governor of Bangkok visits the Songkran situation monitoring center. Silom Road closed for the last day until 8 p.m., warning to be careful of motorcycles breaking the accident record. (April 14, 2024) Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok, along with Dr. Wanthanee Wattana, Permanent Secretary of Bangkok Visited the Bangkok Situation Monitoring Center during the Songkran Festival 2024 at Bangkok City Hall (Giant Swing), Phra Nakhon District. In terms of following up on the situation where people come to play in the Songkran water in large areas such as Silom Road, Khao San Road, Siam Square, Rangnam, Khon Mueang Plaza, it was found that this afternoon on Khao San Road, people started gradually coming to play in the Songkran water, but it was not crowded yet. There is a one-way walkway system, entering through Chana Songkhram Police Station and exiting through Tanao Road. and prevent people from entering from 10:00 p.m. As for Silom Road, today (April 14) is the last day of the road closure for Songkran water swimming. It will be closed for people to enter and gradually let people return from 8:00 p.m. Silom Road has special traffic lanes divided into emergency lanes. so that the ambulance can run Along with public relations to create understanding with the public about such necessity. We invite you to come play in the water to the fullest. By adhering to the rules, that is, not playing with high-pressure water guns, not playing with powder. Anyone who brings it will be confiscated from the entrance. Yesterday officials seized a large amount of flour. As for the problem of tuk-tuks and taxis that are parked blocking the entrance, they will be better organized. As for the road accident situation in Bangkok during the 7 Dangerous Days, which is currently on the 4th day, there have been 8 road accident deaths, most of them caused by motorcyclists. Therefore, please help warn people to be careful while driving. If you can avoid it, you should avoid using other public transportation services to visi t the Songkran festival. Wear a helmet. And don't drink and drive. During today's Songkran event, an AI camera system for detecting faces and license plates was trialled over a period of 7 days, which was able to detect faces that were 85% similar, including being able to search for license plates of cars entering the area. in detail There is also a density analysis to count the number of people entering and exiting the area. This is information used to control the amount of people coming into the area so that it is not too crowded. Including a trial of having municipalities install body warning cameras on patrols in the Khao San and Silom areas, sending images to the monitoring center in real time, making it possible to see events in the area closely. Source: Thai News Agency