Solon wants opening of school year back to June

An Ilocos Sur legislator urged his colleagues to bring back the opening of classes in all schools to June. House Bill No. 8508, filed by Ilocos Sur 1st District Rep. Ronald Singson, pushes for a modified start of the school year, which will cover all basic institutions in the country, including international schools. The bill also seeks to establish the first Monday of June of every year as the start of the academic year, thereby harmonizing the opening of the academic year, according to a news release on Sunday. ‘More than overhauling, revising, and redesigning the existing curriculum, other issues on education, such as setting a school calendar that is most beneficial to learners, should also be considered,’ said Singson. The change in the academic calendar was the result of the two-year lockdown triggered by the Covid-2019 pandemic. According to Singson, the lifting of pandemic restrictions and the full implementation of face-to-face classes should prompt the Department of Education to gradually change the school calendar due to several pressing factors. ‘The extreme heat experienced by teachers and students during the dry season, which is deemed not conducive to learning, and the students being unable to enjoy the school break because of the rainy season are the main reasons why we should change the opening of schools,’ he said. He also added that while it is difficult to predict the weather due to climate change, the former school calendar is what suits the country best. Calls are mounting to bring back the April-May school summer break after more than 100 students in Cabuyao, Laguna were taken to a hospital recently due to hunger and dehydration because the heat index hovered between 39 to 42 degrees Celsius.

Source: Philippines News Agency