Special Forum

The Arabic Language study session at one time was carried out in phases. In the initial phase, the method used is through conversation and memorisation of a number of Arabic Language words for basic matters such as school stationery. The process of Arabic Language studies was discussed during the special forum titled 'Bahasa Arab di Brunei, kitani hayati' or Arabic Language in Brunei, We Assimilate, in conjunction with the Brunei Darussalam National Arabic Language Conference 2019.

Three invited panel members were Awang Haji Sammali bin Haji Adam, Director of International and Public Relations at the Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA, as well as Awang Muhammad Adi Adham bin Ramlan and Awang Haji Zulkifli bin Haji Md Salleh, students of the Post Graduate Religious Teachers Diploma Program at the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB.

Awang Haji Sammali while sharing his experience in learning the Arabic Language explained that furthering his studies to the secondary level, the study sessions were more in-depth, including lessons in plural and grammar.

Awang Muhammad Adi Adham shared that the way of thinking is also vital as there should be an interest in learning the Arabic Language to determine capabilities in learning the language.

Meanwhile, Awang Haji Zulkifli explained that although people are still shy when speaking in a foreign language, they should understand that the Arabic Language is the language of Al-Quran which is an exalted language and they should remove their reservations.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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