Statistics of Registered Cases at the High Court

According to statistics, the Supreme Court recorded 13 Civil Appeal Cases from the High Court and Intermediate Courts to the Court of Appeals last year compared to 7 cases in 2017. Meanwhile, Criminal Appeal Cases brought to the Court of Appeal in 2018 decreased to 13 cases from 21 cases in 2017.

79 Civil Cases were registered last year compared to 77 in 2017.

5 civil appeal cases were registered at the High Court in 2018, while there was none in 2017. Meanwhile, 30 criminal appeal cases were made from the Magistrate's Court to the High Court last year compared to 39 cases in 2017.

Bankruptcy Notices received decreased to 382 last year compared to 587 in 2017. 213 Receiving Order were also made last year, while 32 Adjudication Orders were registered last year.

A decrease in marriage and divorce cases was also recorded last year. Marriages decreased to 72 in 2018 compared to 144 in the previous year. Divorce cases also dropped to 29 in 2018 as opposed to 45 in 2017.

Meanwhile, the Court Revenue up to October last year was more than 5 million and four hundred thousand dollars. In 2017, the total revenue was almost 4 million and 9 hundred thousand dollars.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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