Steadfast in Performing and Enhancing Acts of Worship

The month of Ramadan that has just passed, educates Muslims to be pious and faithful servants of Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala by continuing to do all good deeds in other months and not just do it regularly or seasonally. The matter was among the content of Friday Sermon titled "Istiqamah Mengerjakan Dan Meningkatkan Amal Ibadah" or "Steadfast in Performing and Enhancing Acts of Worship". The Friday Sermon also explained that istiqamah is a commendable attribute and highly demanded by Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala as well as it is part of Islamic attributes. Those who are consistent in worshiping, performing good deeds, obeying Allah SWT's commands graciously and staying away from His prohibitions, are promised with various rewards by Allah SWT.

Some lessons from Al- Quran relating to those who are consistent in their deeds that they will always be in the presence of the Angles as Angels bring blessings to him, not be easily afraid as he will have a firm heart, strong and conviction with great hope in Allah SWT. Not be easily disheartened especially after losing something because he knows that everything belongs to Allah SWT and istiqamah people will also be rewarded with paradise as promise by Allah SWT. Hence, anything that we practised and performed throughout the month of Ramadhan with family at home such as performing the mass fardhu and sunat prayers, reading Al-Quran, zikir, supplicate, qiamulail, giving alms and others must be continued and practised in other months to enhance taqwa and faith to Allah SWT.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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