Students Participate In PISA

More than 7 thousand students from 55 secondary schools and colleges under the Ministry of Education, Ministry of religious Affairs, Private and International Schools nationwide are taking part in the Program for International Student Assessment, PISA which begins today until the 30th of May. PISA is an international assessment for students aged 15 carried out once every three years as well as a measure of the country's overall education achievement, and not the students' individual achievement. This year, 78 countries worldwide are taking part in it. According to the PISA National Project Manager, this year is Brunei Darussalam's first participation organized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD which started in 2000.

According to Doctor Dayang Habibah binti Haji Sion, Acting Director of Info-Communication Technology Department, Deputy Director of Planning, Development and Research, Ministry of Education, all 22 schools in the Brunei Muara, Belait and Tutong Districts are participating in PISA simultaneously. Seven thousand and forty-one students are taking part, of which 5 thousand 4 hundred and 26 are under the Ministry of Education, 5 hundred and 20 under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, with 8 hundred and 49 under private schools as well as 2 hundred and 46 under international schools. The program is conducted through assessments carried out on 15-year-old students and the result will be given at the end of next year. However, the result is not according to individual but covering the whole country, which is the country's education system achievement at the international level.

In the Brunei Muara District, 5 thousand 222 students are participating in the program. Every student will be assessed according to their respective capabilities from the aspect of content, which is basic understanding of resource or material, processes requiring students to use Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) such as interpretation and analysis, and context which is knowledge application in real-life situations.

Meanwhile in the Tutong District, 702 students are participating in PISA. The country's participation in PISA this year is in line with the objective of Wawasan Brunei 2035 and is the initiatives of the Ministry of Education towards the achievement of the wawasan, namely successful highly educated and skilled citizens.

957 students in the Belait District are participating in PISA. Participation in PISA will provide a unique opportunity in understanding the country's education system ranking in comparison to the other participating countries. Indirectly, it is also a national education opportunity to learn and share best practices in teaching and learning from time to time. The participation also enables stakeholders in education development in Brunei Darussalam to look at the potential found in the National Education System for the 21st Century, SPN 21. PISA also involves one hundred and 60 students from the Temburong District.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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