Suicide Case

A man was found dead and was believed to have hung himself to death in an empty room in Seria. According to the Seria Police Station, they received an emergency call at 6.30 this morning. In a media conference yesterday afternoon, the Assistant Superintendent of Police Pg Abu Naba'a bin Pg Hj Yusof, Crime Officer for Belait District Police said 44-year old permanent resident Jimmy Anak Japar hung himself in an empty residence at Lorong 3 Seria.

Initial investigation showed that the victim was residing at his friend's house at the same area, and committed suicide used a rope and tied it to the ceiling. The victim, who was unemployed and an alcoholic, was believed to have committed suicide due to stress. The Royal Brunei Police Force reminds the public to seek help from authorities, and not to make rash decisions such as committing suicide. The police also reminds that it is an offence to commit suicide under Section 309 of Penal Act, Chapter 22

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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